Creating the right atmosphere for your home or commercial property should be the main goal when you are making color changes to the interior or exterior. From the window treatments to the furnishings and fixtures, the right color palette sets the tone and defines the functionality of the space. As experienced painting contractors, we partner with our clients to offer advice and recommendations on which colors will create the perfect ambiance.

To help inspire your next project, we’ve put together a few of our favorites based on the Pantone Institute’s yearly forecast and additional trends we are monitoring in the industry:

Infused Grays:

  • Lilac Gray: This updated version of dove gray features lilac undertones that will make gray hues warmer and a bit more cheerful. It’s suitable and refreshing, with longevity and will be appealing for years to come.
  • Pewter: This gray is a richer alternative to all white walls giving you an almost blank canvas with an infusion of beige. It is so versatile, in fact, that the right shade can work for virtually any room, whether residential or commercial.

Muted Pastels:

  • Mist: A blend of muted pastel blue and green with subtle gray and lilac undertones, this color provides a more interesting starting point than your traditional favorites. Plus, it’s deep, rich color allows you to cover blemishes and imperfections on your wall with ease.
  • Soft Blue: Described as an ice-blue or a very pale-powder blue, this tone provides a soothing alternative to deeper blues that make spaces feel smaller and overly “nautical.” Your choices in this palette are unique and varied, yet thoughtful enough not to overtake a space.

Dark Blues & Greens:

  • Deep Hunter: This provocative deep green color replicates the feel of lush botanicals while providing a strong foundational hue. It works best in large, well-lit rooms for spaces that are not easily overpowered by color.
  • Deep Denim: Much like your favorite pair of jeans, a rich denim is surprisingly neutral and allows you to balance a glamorous look with a more subtle, relaxed choice. This color functions well in spaces where you want to optimize concentration and relaxation.

New Neutrals:

  • Hazelnut: This updated cream is incredibly neutral and evokes relaxation by providing a sense of security and warmth. An inviting choice that is likely never to be outdated or clash with existing décor, it’s perfect for more traditional spaces where you want flexibility for furnishings and accessory choices.
  • French Vanilla: A mixture of cream with a hint of yellow, this color illuminates a room and is ideal for spaces that are small and without windows. It is also an excellent choice for spaces where you want to intensify the light effect of a room by projecting cleanliness without being sterile or boring.

Whether you are selecting a color for your corporate office’s lobby or an accent wall that creates conversation-starting visual interest, these ideas are only the beginning. Hiring a professional painting contractor allows you to tap in on knowledge and experience from previous projects that will help bring your vision to life. Having a partner in the process gives you access to a wealth of information and options that a DIY project doesn’t offer.

With a combined experience of 30+ years in residential and commercial painting, Gibson Pro Painting specializes in managing customer expectations with quality work done in a timely manner. We are responsive, reliable and most of all…a partner in the process! Contact us today for more information on our services or schedule an appointment for a free quote today.

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